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Red Barn Family Farmers have a long and distinguished history of passing on their deep knowledge, remarkable work ethic and rich traditions from one generation to the next. We’ve selected them because of their dedication to ethical care for cows and the production of exceptionally clean, quality and delicious milk.

Our mission is to honor and sustain their way of life. We are pleased to introduce you to our Red Barn Family Farmers.

Bob, Mary & Charlie Nett Pulaski, WI
Don & Debbie Zuleger Family Black Creek, WI
Craig & Marlene Krohlow Family Black Creek, WI
Kurt & Meghan Moeller Seymour, WI
Neil & Amy Holewinski Family Pulaski, WI
David & Julie Marcks Family Black Creek, WI
Joe Paltzer Seymour, WI

Our goal is to add more farms to the Red Barn family. Look for more names as more people discover the fresh and delicious taste of Red Barn Family Farms milk and cheese.

What does family farm care mean for cows?

  • Cows are outside whenever the weather allows and brought inside the barn into deeply bedded stalls when the winter gets cold
  • Cows are given special care when they give birth
  • People know and care for their animals as individuals with personalities
  • A veterinarian is directly involved in the prevention and treatment of health issues
  • Antibiotic use is rare, only when necessary to return a sick animal back to full health
  • On the rare occasions antibiotics are used, the milk is always discarded for a length of time that exceeds the minimum guidelines set by the FDA
  • Cows are not given any rBST hormone


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