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Remember this is a Home of Mothers.

Treat each cow as a mother should be treated.

Each of our Red Barn farms honors this quote, written over 100 years ago:

"The rule to be observed in this stable at all times, toward the cattle, young and old, is that of patience and kindness. A man’s usefulness in a herd ceases at once when he loses his temper and bestows rough usage. Men must be patient. Cattle are not reasoning beings. Remember that this is the Home of Mothers. Treat each cow as a Mother should be treated..."
-- W.D. Hoard, the 'father of American dairying'

Innovative Red Barn Rules are a set of rigorous quality, animal health and operational requirements that set new industry benchmarks linking excellence in animal husbandry, or humane treatment of cows, to excellence in food quality.

Red Barn Family Farms are certified by the American Humane Association, ensuring that cows on our farms enjoy the following conditions:

  • Free from rBST supplementation, free from animal byproducts in their feed and free from performance enhancing antibiotic use
  • Free to live and grow in a humane environment under conditions and care that limit stress
  • Free to enjoy a healthy life, benefiting from disease and injury prevention and rapid diagnoses and treatment
  • Free to readily access fresh water and a diet that maintains full health and vigor
  • Free to express normal behaviors and live in an appropriate and comfortable environment that includes sufficient space, proper facilities, shelter, a resting area, and company of the animal’s own kind
  • Free to access the outdoors on a daily basis, except under extreme weather conditions

Our own Red Barn Rules are unique and go above and beyond the American Humane Association certification. They are the cornerstone of what we believe makes the best milk. Our rules assure that

  • Farms are run by families who earn their livelihood on the farm and do the majority of the animal care work.
  • Twice each year each cow is individually assessed by a veterinarian and given a health score.
  • Criteria are measured in the milk that verify the outstanding cleanliness of the milk and the health of the cows
  • Premiums are awarded to each farm based on milk quality measures and cows’ health scores.


We are pleased to introduce you to    our Red Barn    Family Farmers!


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Black Creek, WI
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