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Award-winning Cheese

American Human Certified
Wisconsin Dairy

A Trusted Source for Food Service Providers & Specialty Food Distributors

Red Barn Family Farms is a trusted producer of awarding-winning milk and cheese for institutional food service providers and specialty food distributors across the United States. Thoughtful, conscientious directors and buyers seek out Red Barn when they need:

  • Excellent Milk Quality
    Red Barn Rules place each of the eight Red Barn Family Farms in the top tier across the industry for milk quality.
  • Humane-Certified Dairy
    All Red Barn Family Farms are certified by the American Humane Association, an annual independent third party inspection of each farm.
  • Milk that is always rBGH free*.
  • Delicious Award-winning Cheese
    Our champion cheddars are fit for the simplest snack to the most gourmet recipe
  • To Demonstrate Support for Sustainable Family-Owned Farms
    Each farm must be family owned and must be its primary source of livelihood. Farmers are paid beyond commodity rates for measurable, exceptional dedication to excellent milk quality and animal husbandry, or humane treatment of cows.
  • To Demonstrate Support for Traditional Family-Operated Dairy Farms
    The majority of the farm labor must be performed by family members.
  • To Demonstrate Support for Gentle, Expert Animal Husbandry
    Farms milk 70 cows or fewer; each cow is known by her name, (not a number); and they live longer lives.

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Red Barn Milk

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBGH treated and non-rBGH treated cows.


We are pleased to introduce you to    our Red Barn    Family Farmers!


Nett Family Pulaski, WI
Zuleger Family Black Creek, WI

Krohlow Family

Black Creek, WI
Holewinski Family Pulaski, WI
Marcks Family Black Creek, WI

Joe Paltzer

Seymour, WI