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Long Live the Family Farm Assortment

Long Live the Family Farm Assortment


Enjoy a selection of Red Barn Family Farms handcrafted cheeses produced with milk from small family farms. Humanely produced. Pasture-raised. Fair Trade. Award-winning. 

Cheeses in Box:

• Award-winning Vintage 3 Year Aged Cupola Artisan Cheese, 4 oz

• Award-winning 1 year aged Weis Cheddar Cheese, 5.5 oz
• 3 Year Aged Heritage Cheddar Cheese,  6 oz 

• Monterey Jack Cheese, 6 oz


Vintage Cupola Cheese is aged to perfection. It is creamy on the pallet with pleasing crystallization. Intense caramel notes and a fruity aroma make this the perfect dessert cheese. Pair with caramels and celebratory beverages like a Champagne or smokey bourbon. 


Weis is an Old-world Style cheddar, aged over a year. Taste for yourself the expert craftsmanship in this hand-crafted full cream cheddar. Wrapped in cloth and hand-dipped in wax, Weis is exceptionally creamy with a signature sweetness. Bold, nutty flavors and crystallization develop as the cheese ages. This aged cheese is excellent on cheese boards alongside apples, toasted nuts or breads, and full-bodied wines and beers.


Three Year Aged Heritage Cheddar Cheese is creamy, nutty and bold with a hint of sweetness. Pair with apples, dried fruit, salami or nutty crackers.


Monterey Jack  is mild, buttery and slightly sweet. It melts exceptionally well, making it a perfect ingredient for grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and soups.