Odds & Ends Box

Odds & Ends Box


Every once in a while we wind up with a few odds and ends of perfectly delicious cheese in our inventory that don't have a home, and we want to offer them up to you for a great deal! We have a limited quantity so get your orders in soon! 


Our current Odds & Ends Box includes the following:

- 2 wedges of Cupola Artisan Cheese (these got a little smooshed during cutting so they aren't pretty, but that doesn't effect the flavor!)

- 1 wedge of 3 YR Aged Weis Cheddar Cheese (these got a little smooshed during cutting so they aren't pretty but that doesn't effect the flavor!)

- 1 6 oz block of Colby Jack (this is a brand new cheese for Red Barn! Test it out and let us know what you think.)


    Shipping is currently unavailable internationally or to Alaska & Hawaii. If you would like to inquire about shipping to one of these areas please reach out via the contact section of our website. 


    Orders shipped to warm weather locations or during summer months is done at your own risk. We do our best to pack each shipment with plenty of ice; however, we cannot guarantee that your cheese will arrive cold. 

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