Artisan Cheese made with

Humanely Produced Milk 

from Small Family Farms

Dairy Farming Trends

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Nett Family Farm
Beyer Family Farm
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Preserving Small Family Farms

Honoring Tradition & Respect

There is an ethic on our small family farms. The farmers excel at individualized, humane animal care, which results in excellent animal health and can ultimately be seen in the quality of milk their cows produce.   


This level of care and attention can only be found on a small farm and they are rapidly disappearing in the wake of commercial dairy.

We do dairy differently. In order to preserve these style farms we created a unique pay-scale that rewards and incentivizes high standards of animal health and milk quality that we call our Red Barn Rules. We pay our farmers fair, living wages for meeting and exceeding those standards.



Mark, Matthew & Caleb Beyer
4th, 5th, and 6th Generation
Beyer Family Farm

What makes Red Barn Family Farms so special?

  • Our farms are family owned AND family operated. Meaning the owning family does the farm work.

  • Our farms milk an average of just 55 cows

  • Cows are known and cared for by name

  • Cows receive individualized animal care, specific to their unique needs and personality

  • Cows live longer lives

  • Cows are pasture-raised 

  • All of our farms are certified by the American Humane Association

  • Every one of our farms produces milk that is top tier in quality and cleanliness  


Tim Busch
"Cheese worth eating has a story. It doesn’t come conveniently packaged, and it doesn’t have the words super or ultra in its name. What it does have is a story you can taste."

- Jeanne Carpenter, ACS CCP -

Pairing our Premium Raw Milk with

World Class Cheesemakers

Our model is unique. We partner with three World Class Cheesemakers in Northeast Wisconsin to handcraft our cheeses. When our fresh, premium milk arrives at their small, artisan creameries, magic happens. Our cheesemakers each have a unique background and family history, but their passion for quality is what makes them part of our Red Barn Family.


Small family farms and small family-owned creameries contribute to a healthy rural economy.


World Class Cheese

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