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The Red Barn Rules

  1. Farms must be run by families who earn their livelihood on the farm and do the majority of the animal care work.

  2. Cows must have a humane and stress free environment AND the physical health scores to prove it

  3. Cows must be provided fresh water and a healthy diet with no animal byproducts in their feed

  4. Farmers must practice disease and injury prevention and treat cows if and when they get sick or injured

  5. Cows are not allowed rBST supplementation or performance enhancing antibiotics

  6. Farmers must let cows be cows by allowing them to express normal behaviors

  7. Farmers must provide daily outdoor access as weather allows

  8.  Criteria must be measured in the milk to verify the outstanding cleanliness of the milk and health of the cows

Hennes Family Farm
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