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Cupola Artisan Cheese
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Cupola Artisan Cheese

Cupola Artisan Cheese is an original recipe raw milk cheese that was developed exclusively for Red Barn Family Farms. It is a semi-hard cheese that has the smooth texture of a gouda and the sweet, nutty flavors of an aged parmesan with hints of caramel and toasted pineapple. Cupola is handcrafted in small batches at Door Artisan Cheese Company in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. In 2019, it was awarded Best of Class at the American Cheese Society Judging & Competition.   

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Edun & Vintage Willow Creek Raw Milk Cheese
Edun & Vintage Willow Creek

Edun Raw Milk Cheese is an original recipe raw milk cheese that puts a Wisconsin spin on a New-Zealand style cheddar. Handcrafted in small batches by Master Cheesemaker Jon Metzig at Willow Creek Creamery, this recipe is designed to let the full flavor and quality of our humanely produced, pasture-raised milk shine. Available mild (Edun) or carefully aged (Vintage Willow Creek). 

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Heritage White Cheddar
Heritage White Cheddar

Red Barn Family Farms Heritage White Cheddar Cheese is a handcrafted block style cheese. It is handcrafted with premium Red Barn quality milk at family owned and operated Springside Cheese Corporation in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. 

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