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Madrid and friends on the Hennes Farm

Our Mission

To advocate for ethical dairy farming and to give small producers leverage in the market. 

How it Works

We carefully select small farms that adhere to our high standards for milk quality and humane animal care. Then we use a domestic fair trade model to provide above market pay that rewards them for excellence and helps them remain viable businesses. Red Barn gets top quality milk to make award-winning cheeses.

Our Farms

We began with two small family farms. One farmer was a rotational grazer. The other used organic practices. As we grew, we didn’t make our farms bigger, we just added more small-scale producers who know and care for their cows as individuals and put their health and welfare first.  


Now seven carefully selected farms commit to our standards and pasture-raised practices. Our farms milk an average of just 55 cows, all known and cared for by name.  Animals spend time outside daily, weather permitting. Farms are American Humane certified.

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