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Meet the Marcks Family

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Who: Marcks Family Farm

Where: Black Creek, WI

Red Barn Farm: The Marcks were the 3rd farm to join Red Barn

Number of Cows: 40

Oldest Cow: Passion, 11 years old

Fun Fact: The Marcks farm is home to several multi-generation cow families. One example is Passion, who gets to spend her days with daughter Penelope, granddaughter Picolo, and great-granddaughter Penny.

Photos clockwise from top left: Bethany Marcks - Julie, Derrek, Bethany and David Marcks - David in the barn - Reba another 4 generation family on the Marcks farm with her girls Rachel, Rory and Riley - Passion and her girls

Back in 1994, David Marcks believed expanding was the only way to keep his family dairy farm alive. So like many others, he began the path to expansion, increasing his herd size from 28 to 150. But David decided it wasn’t for him because it wasn’t good for his cows. Now David’s back to small-scale; just 40 cows, all known and cared for by name, with plenty of room to roam outdoors or rest in a deeply bedded barn. As a Red Barn farmer, he receives fair, living wages that make his style of farming possible. David’s cows live long, healthy, happy lives and produce the purest premium milk to be handcrafted into Red Barn cheese.



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