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Aged to Perfection Collection

Aged to Perfection Collection


A delightful variety of flavors and textures for the aged cheese lover. 


  • 4 oz Vintage Aged Cupola Artisan Cheese: First Runner Up 2023 US Championship Cheese Contest, 2022 American Cheese Society Gold Medalist and 2023 American Cheese Society silver medalist.
  • 5 oz Three Year Aged Weis Old World Cheddar: Over the past 15 years, this cheese has received 22 awards at the U.S. and World Cheese Championship Contests.
  • 6 oz Five Year Aged Heritage Cheddar Cheese
  • 6 oz Two Year Aged Vintage Willow Creek Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese



Vintage Cupola is an original recipe cheese, aged to perfection. We use a unique blend of cultures to create a parmesan meets gouda vibe with a favor that boasts pronounced caramel notes and a fruity aroma. Vintage Cupola is firm but creamy with pleasing crystallazation. Enjoy as a snack or grate over pasta or salad. When paired with gourmet caramels and celebratory beverages like a Champagne or smokey bourbon, Vintage Cupola makes the perfect dessert cheese.


Weis is an Old-world Style cheddar, aged for three years. Taste for yourself the expert craftsmanship in this hand-crafted full cream cheddar. Made in small batches, wrapped in cloth and hand-dipped in red wax, Weis is exceptionally creamy with a signature sweetness. Bold, nutty flavors and crystallization develop as the cheese ages. This aged cheese is excellent on cheese boards alongside apples, toasted nuts or breads, and full-bodied wines and beers.


Five Year Aged Heritage Cheddar Cheese is bold, complex and slightly sweet. Pair with apples, dried fruit, salami and nutty crackers.


Vintage WIllow Creek Cheese is a New Zealand-style raw milk cheddar variety, aged over two years. This cheese offers a depth of flavor and texture that cannot be replicated in an aged cheddar made with pasteurized milk; it is the perfect combination of sweet, salty and tangy with notes of browned butter. Excellent with juicy fruits like pears, berries and melon. Or melt onto burgers for a unique burst of flavor.







    All orders will ship on the Monday after they are received. 

    Shipping is currently unavailable internationally or to Alaska & Hawaii. 

    Orders shipped to warm weather locations is done at your own risk. We do our best to pack each shipment with plenty of ice; however, we cannot guarantee that your cheese will arrive cold. 

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