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Award Winning Duo - Just the Cheese

Award Winning Duo - Just the Cheese


Treat yourself to Red Barn Family Farm's award-winning American original recipe Cupola Artisan Cheese. 


You'll enjoy:

  • 12 oz  of Cupola Artisan Cheese: 2019 & 2023 American Cheese Society Gold Medalist
  • 12  oz  of Vintage 3 Year Aged Cupola Artisan Cheese: First Runner Up 2023 US Championship Cheese Contest, 2022 American Cheese Society Gold Medalist, 2023 American Cheese Society Silver Medalist.


Young Cupola is smooth and creamy with nutty notes alongside flavors of toasted pineapple. Grate into pasta dishes and salads or melt over roasted vegetables. Delightful with most wines, we like to pair this alongside a juicy red or a traditional Wisconsin Old Fashioned cocktail.


Vintage 3 Year Cupola is creamy on the pallet with pleasing crystallization. Intense caramel notes and a fruity aroma make this the perfect dessert cheese. Pair with caramels and celebratory beverages like a Champagne or smokey bourbon. 


Vintage Cupola won First Runner Up at the 2023 US Championship Cheese Contest. Cupola and Vintage Cupola won Gold in the American Cheese Society Judging & Competition category for Original Recipe, Cow's Milk in 2019 and 2022 respectively. 


    All orders will ship on the Monday after they are received. 

    Shipping is currently unavailable internationally or to Alaska & Hawaii. 

    Orders shipped to warm weather locations is done at your own risk. We do our best to pack each shipment with plenty of ice; however, we cannot guarantee that your cheese will arrive cold. 

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