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Cupola Artisan Cheese

Cupola Artisan Cheese


Treat yourself to Red Barn Family Farm's award-winning Cupola Artisan Cheese. For this original recipe variety, we use a unique blend of cultures to achieve a parmesan meets gouda vibe with a flavor that boasts notes of caramel and toasted pineapple.


Cupola is aged a minimum of 6 months. It is smooth and creamy with nutty notes alongside flavors of toasted pineapple.  Enjoy as a snack or grate into pasta dishes and salads or melt over roasted vegetables. Delightful with most wines, we like to pair this alongside a juicy red or a traditional Wisconsin Old Fashioned cocktail.


You'll enjoy:

  • One pound. (4/4 oz wedges) of Cupola Artisan Cheese: 2019 & 2023 American Cheese Society Gold Medalist






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