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A Love Letter

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Dear Customers, Friends & Fans,

On this day of love, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and share just how much you mean to us. It may sound cheesy, but we would cease to exist without you.

When Red Barn was started twelve years ago, it was out of our passion for preserving small family owned dairy farms that really know their cows and treat them well. It makes us so happy that you feel the same way.

Over the years, you've been right alongside us, supporting our decision to pay our amazing farmers more for excellence and humane animal care with an innovative fair trade pay system.

Your support, encouragement and well... you're appetite have led us to do great things over the years, like introducing our American Humane certified cheeses in markets around the country and winning 22 awards for them! We couldn't be more grateful.

You cheddar believe us when we say we love you more each and every day and look forward to another 100 happy years together!


Red Barn Family Farms


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