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Easter Brunch at Home

While we're all safer at home these days, that doesn't mean that it's easy or fun to navigate milestones and celebrations like birthdays & holidays without the ability to physically be with those we love. For the upcoming Easter holiday, I plan to video-chat with my family and to make a festive meal for my household. For the meal, I'll incorporate a mix of easy (and cheesy) recipes, some store-bought items like pre-cut ham & orange juice as well as cinnamon rolls from a family recipe, though you could just as easily support a local bakeshop and purchase some pastries in advance as well. The goal: EASY and FESTIVE.

Red Barn Family Farms wants to make it even easier for you to enjoy a delicious, festive meal this holiday. You can now purchase an Easter Brunch kit from our web store complete with recipes and all of the cheese you need for the Cheesy Egg Bake and Roasted Asparagus with Cupola Cheese.

What is traditionally on your Easter menu? How are those traditions changing this year?

The Menu:

Cheesy Egg Bake (recipe below - make the night before - feeds 2-4 people)

Roasted Asparagus with grated Cupola (recipe below)

Cinnamon rolls


Orange Juice


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