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It's always been about the little ones...

Red Barn Family Farms started out of a desire to give the little ones a leg up. That's why we work exclusively with small (55 cows on average) family owned dairy farms.

Lately, we've been hearing and seeing the value of all things small. Small businesses employ hundreds of thousands across the country, they provide essential goods and services, and we've witnessed the biggest acts of kindness and innovation from some of the smallest players. We see the best in the littlest among us and if this moment in time has taught us anything, it's that small things are worth nurturing.

We were recently reminded of that fact in February with a heartwarming story about one of the cows who proudly produces milk for Red Barn. "Tiny" was born over two years ago weighing roughly 35 pounds (newborn calves typically weigh 80-90 pounds at birth). Red Barn farmer Olivia took it on herself to provide the extra care and attention that Tiny required in order to lead a normal life. She was born in the middle of winter, which meant she needed a special calf jacket and heat lamp to help her stay warm. She was given extra time to grow before being put in a group with other calves. Now, despite being the smallest cow in the barn by far, she gets along wonderfully with the other 40 cows on Olivia's farm. Tiny never lets her small size get in the way, which is why it was so exciting to watch her become a mother two months ago to a beautiful baby girl named Tawny. Both mom and baby are doing wonderfully thanks to the supportive care of farmers like Olivia who choose to nurture the little ones, knowing that someday they will thrive.

Tiny & mom, Jingle Baby Tiny Tiny under heat lamp Tiny & Tawny


If you would like to nurture our small business during this time there are lots of ways to help:

- Buy some cheese. Contact us to see if a retailer near you is carrying our cheese or check out our resources for ordering online.

- Like and share this post. Help us spread the word about Red Barn Family Farms.

- Join our email list. Stay connected and informed with what we are doing to support small farmers and producers.


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